Baldinelli Vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the Shenandoah Valley AVA at an elevation of 1,187 feet. It includes 15 acres of Zinfandel and 15 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon. Established in 1972, the vines are planted on St. George root stock on 10' X10' spacing. The Zinfandel is head pruned and the Cabernet is on a single wire trellis. The vineyard 100% irrigated. Most of the roots run as deep as 10' and are able to access deep ground moisture. But in drought years we can simulate rain with extensive watering up to 100 gallons per vine.

The vineyard is 100% cover cropped every year. We practice minimal disking in favor of mowing that provides better weed control and dust mitigation. We are Certified Sustainable farmers. We open the canopy on each vine to promote better air circulation and sun light. For rodent control we use owl boxes, not poisons. Using the UC powdery mildew index we are able to minimize the number spray evolutions that saves money and reduces chemical loads on the vines.

The yields are around 2.5 tons per acre which is consistent with vines this old.

Please contact us about grapes for sale or any questions about the vineyard or cultural practices.

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Mike & Joanne Baldinelli

10880 Shenandoah Rd., Plymouth, CA 95669
(510) 909-4208

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